Metta – The Practice of Loving Kindness. . . .supporting our dance through the dimensions

by Alison on February 23, 2012 · 2 comments

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As consciousness evolves through us, the models we use to measure “what’s real” change.  We view our experiences first from a 3rd then a 4th and finally a 5th dimensional perspective. This shift doesn’t happen all at once however.  We often ride dimensional boarders, moving between a lower and higher consciousness, before anchoring into a new way of being.  Straddling dimensional boarders can be challenging.

Metta or Loving Kindness supports movement from lower to higher consciousness.  The following video demonstrates the practice.

As homo sapiens we resemble each other on the outside.  However this does not mean we all measure what’s real in the same way.  For example a  human being embracing a 3D perspective measures what’s real by what is seen and believed. When interacting with another who measures what's real using feeling or knowing, 4th and 5th dimensional ways of measuring what's real, communication can break down. Tempers can flare and all can be lost when kindness is omitted from the equation.  So why why does this happen and how can it be remedied?

Moving from 3rd into 4th dimensional reality we begin forming a relationship with our emotional nature.  We move out of our heads and into our hearts, measuring what’s real by what we feel instead of what we believe. 

 As a result of moving from head to heart we feel more positive. Recognizing that positive thinking keeps us in a feel-good state our basic ground of being shifts and we reprogram to a higher octave of awareness. 

As we move from a 4th to a 5th dimensional way of measuring what’s real we become curious as to what’s running the show beneath the surface of the conscious mind. We see that thinking positive thoughts does not replace releasing negative emotions and even though it doesn’t always feel good, we recognize the value in unhooking from the past. Attachment to old ways of being fall away as we let go at deeper levels and a more conscious connection with True Self emerges.

 On the border between 4th and 5th dimensional reality we begin to trust in the process of measuring what is real by what we know to be true, regardless what is believed or felt. 

Consciousness evolves through us at its own rate.  The fact that lower vibrating frequencies don’t recognize higher vibrating frequencies accounts for a large percentage of the miscommunication we experience in relationships while dancing through the dimensions.  

If you are measuring what’s real from what your  “knowing” tells you is real and the one you are interacting with is measuring what’s real by what they “believe or feel” there will likely be a communication breakdown unless patience and loving kindness are applied liberally. 

Engaging with the practice of Metta adds balance into all situations.

In any challenging situation take a couple deep breaths then inwardly ask first for yourself;  “May I be filled with loving kindness may I be well, may I be peaceful and at ease may I be happy”.  Then offer the same energy to others.    

Most of us are ridding dimensional borders at the moment.  We are dancing as fast as we can through the dimensions.  The process is not easy but it is necessary if we are to continue to be of service to the force of evolution.

Question;  can combining an ancient ritual into daily practice benefit a changing world? 

Statistics show that the practice of loving kindness contributes to the over-all rise in positive energy on the planet.  Check it out and see for yourself.

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