When I was invited to a birthday celebration at a neighborhood bar I almost said “no“.    I mean cummon already, I’m an energy clearing “specialist”.  My job is to send dark energy to the light when I find it. I don’t go into dens of iniquity looking for it.   However  in the spirit of celebration I said I’d drop by for a quick beer.  In and out, 15 minutes max, that was my plan.

Upon arrival I was introduced to the propritor Rob and his wife Faith, a petit pregnant woman with long dark hair.  I took an immediate liking to them both.  Robs eyes were full of light, his smile welcoming. He was being roasted by his friends at the bar as he and his wife were moving away.

I was sensing this was a special place, even before I heard Sarah behind the bar say she’d flown in from Boston that afternoon especially for the roasting.  It was obvious the patrons were all family, yet I felt warmly welcomed.

How’s that leg doing” I heard someone holler.  “The smaller cast is more comfortable” replied the silver haired gentleman standing in front of me.

Without these folks holding a fund raiser to help out with my medical expenses, I never would have gotten through this ordeal” he said extending his hand to me.

By 9pm the roast was underway. With the entrance of a masked character in red and black, bearing a sign reading “Satan”  I took a breath. My 15 minutes was up but I sensed it wasn’t quite time for me to leave.

As the “regulars” took turns roasting Rob. . . and they did indeed ROAST this man. . . .I was blown away by the feeling of love in the room .

During intermission I went outside for air.  A woman named Loni joined me.  I shared with her how I was recognizing a noticeable difference between connecting in the flesh and virtually hooking up.  I told her I’d salted myself away for most of the winter and was feeling disconnected as a result of too much screen time and not enough face time.

You can’t witness the effect of your influence in the world when you don’t get out and mix with people” she offered.  The wise words  from this elementary school teacher resonated as truth instantly.

For months I’d been out of touch with everyone except facebook friends.  I was linked in on the world wide web but wasn’t feeling much more than an artificial connection with the world around me. “Mixing with people” was exactly what I needed. Then I remembered, my intention has been to become better acquainted with the community in which I live.

The tribal connection of this group was solid . I got the feeling they all watched each other’s backs too, shared the challenges as well as the wins and played well together.  This was a good energetic proto type for what I wanted to create for myself.

A den of iniquity this was not, well maybe just a tad – I mean I’m just sayin. . . .but overall my experience far surpassed my expectations in a surprisingly nurturing way.

Just after 11 o’clock – more than 2 hours beyond my planned 15 minute stay – following two rounds of roasting, some deep belly laughs, the making of new friends and a  margarita, I said my good-bys and headed home totally stoned. . . . . on love!

In what unusual ways have the blessings of love been bestowed upn you lately?

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