Years ago I was fortunate to be a part of a group of alternative health practitioners who were worth their weight in gold.  We were the young lions of our time.  With great enthusiasm we dove into the metaphysical unknown. We became formed in the face and fashion of a new bread.  This group was the light at the end of many a seekers tunnel.  Had I not met these people I’d likely not be the person I am today.

It was much more difficult 30 years ago than it is today to eek out a living as a ‘holistic practitioner’ but we each managed to do it in our own way and in our own time.  It was our calling. We were people of vision. We let nothing stand in the way of manifesting the dream. These were the days when ‘spiritual practitioners’ were foreigners to the ‘mainstream’ population. We were the risk takers on the spiritual front of burgeoning consciousness.

Today I learned that the fearless forerunners of that mighty brigade have met with yet another layer of what we use to call ‘undoing’. After reading their latest blog post I learned that one of them has been hit hard with a health hurdle. The deep heart-felt sharing of their struggle to move beyond this difficult challenge reminded me of what I’d learned from years of working with them. The transparency in their communication bore the hallmark of that which they’d always taught.

It’s not hard to lead the troupes when the going is good.  It’s when the going gets tough and the path narrows that true strength and real power is revealed. When the body cries out in pain, when the coffers are empty, when we move from on the edge to falling off the ledge, that’s when we get to see what we’re made of beyond titles or acquisitions.

Their post reminded me of how well they trained us in the fine art of soulful living. The gratitude I feel for the opportunity to have been welcomed into what they created is second to none.  And even though over the years we’ve had our differences, what I remember as ‘real‘ was the love we shared.

The birth is imminent.  There’s no way to erase what we don’t think we can deal with.  We’ve gone to far into the story to rewrite the ending. None of us will get through the birth canal of this next phase in the evolution of consciousness without facing and dealing with our own version of ‘dark night of the soul’.

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ this will happen but rather will we be ready ‘when’ the head crowns on a whole new way of being. Will we be able to be open and honest with ourselves and others, will we be willing to ask for what we need, will we hold the light of who we are regardless the circumstances or the conditions in which we find ourselves?

I’m reminded of a verse I once read on a greeting card entitled ‘Plan of The Master Weaver’;

Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly will God unroll the canvas and reveal the reasons why.  The dark threads are as needed in the weavers skillful hands, like the threads of gold and silver in the pattern he has planned’.

How are you doing with weaving the dark threads in with those of gold and silver?

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