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Intrusion. . . who goes there?

by Alison on May 26, 2014 · 6 comments

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Intrusion announced itself just after daybreak this morning.

Heavy-footed Magpies lumbered across the roof above OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe bedroom, interrupting ritual snuggle time between me and kitty.  Leo’s ears perked up immediately, in that who-goes-there-kind-of-way, as he prepared for confrontation.

It didn’t register for him that his reaction was out of proportion to the situation; he’s a cat. Anything that unsettles the flow he is accustom to is a red flag for him. . .one which he construes as potentially life-threatening, and so he reacts out of fear.

The birds too, were just being birds, geared to be great scavengers, but lacking the awareness which allows for consideration.

We all do this.  Each of us, at one time or another, has unconsciously lumbered across the roof of someone’s reality.  We’ve intruded without consideration, either by what we’ve said or done. . . acting without awareness sends up the equivalent of a vibrational red flag, engendering fear and perking up our ears.

Emotional reaction is triggered by the unconscious behavior patterns of others, only when we have attachment to specific outcomes. Seeking to defend ourselves from perceived attack weakens us, rendering us at effect rather than at cause.  As we judge instead of observe, we become enmeshed in the story, at which point relationships devolve into entanglements.

Cultivating the awareness necessary to respond instead of react takes practice.  Unlike the cat and the birds, we of the human posse possess the power to be of the nature of consciousness.   When we interact from who we are as Presence, rather than personality, equanimity is our reward. When we observe in a nonjudgmental way, a shift in perception occurs.

In this state the desire to fix, change or heal anything in ourselves, others or the world around us gives way to allowing everything to be as it is.  Here wholeness is experienced and real peace is found. From the wellspring of loving kindness within ourselves, compassion for others arises.  Making healthy choices as to who and what to associate ourselves with is a natural by-product of this state of well-being.

Can you remember a time when you stiffened your back and reacted out of fear?

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