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Earthship Architect. . .the man, the vision, the mission

by Alison on April 28, 2014 · 4 comments

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Earthship Architect Michael Reynolds knows all about life by design.  Over the years the man, the vision, the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmission have stretched well beyond the rule book to boost conscious awareness. . .but not without hitting a few bumps in the road.

Featured in the documentary Garbage Warrior maverick Mike reveals how the dark side manifested in an attempt to block him from living his dream. . .and what it took for him to rise like a Phoenix. A true spoke in the wheel of a new world emerging, Mike Reynolds stands at the fore of conscious living.

My first sighting of an Earthship happened over 10 years ago.  On the other side of the Rio Grande Gorge, 15 minutes west of Taos New Mexico, lay a smattering of unusual dwellings. Rising from sagebrush on a flat stretch of land, an off the grid community was forming.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFast forward a decade and voila. . . Earthship vacation rentals.  Of course Mr. Reynolds had much more in mind than a good review on Trip Advisor when he began his project.

Mother natures’ recent behavior is changing and traditional ‘built cheap and fast’ commodity-housing clearly is not coping. Here we have a housing solution that doesn’t just cope, it loves nature.” said Reynolds while visiting New Zealand last year, speaking with those who were rebuilding, following the 2013 Christ Church earthquake.

His 2014 European lecture tour includes Portugal, Romania, Italy and Germany. Mike will speak on the concepts of Biotecture and the six design principals of the Earthship model.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe value of Earthships lies in the fact that they are designed to harvest rainwater, treat sewage, generate electricity, provide their own heating and cooling and supply food. Comfy cozy (without fossil fuels) artistic and beautiful. . . just another perk.

Had it not been that Mike is in India right now working on a project, I would have enjoyed chatting with him on Saturday when I visited Greater World, the Earthship Biotecture community he started in 1990.  My private tour inside the vacation rentals, guided by Earthship building instructor Tom Duke, inspired me plenty however.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThink aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles and tires.  Then imagine a man who saw trash as treasure.  Mike and his team of trained Earthship builders have provided sustainable shelter for survivors seeking disaster relief in the Philippines, Malawi and other areas around the world. . . where people are struggling to survive the impact of weather patterns irritated by global warming.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first Earthship Academy Global Session was held in January of this year in Argentina.  To date the academy has trained over 200 students from around the world and offers an Earthship class for college credit at UNM Taos. This is a project the students are working on.

Individual societies can no longer collapse without there being global impact.  Intuitively people are coming together to solve the problem. To quote Mike; “Caring is the seed of a new reality”.

What do you care enough about to engage with whole-heartedly, regardless the bumps in the road?



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