The Asheville Jubilee Center put this picture of a sign on the cover of their weekly celebration handout. The service and the sign triggered me to include “good sign hunting” into my daily practice.  Some mornings I need a “sign” that says YES there is hope. . . . to get me moving in the right direction!!

On those days I crank up the music and begin my daily practice in the following way;

I hear the words from Carly Simon in this video as a prayerful call to action. . . .and the music really wakes me up too!!

As the sludgy energy from sleep disperses I reconnect with my natural state in resonation with love, peace and joy.  I’m still in the kitchen – no time for a formal “sit” today.  This too is a “good sign” because the kitchen is where I feel nurtured, so why not meditate on that – ah, yes, I’m cultivating presence wherever I am. . . . another “good sign” to make note of.

I’m brought deeper into the present by the aroma of coffee brewing. As I head to the frig for the cream, the violet feather on the head of the gypsy magnet serves as my talisman today.  The color triggers the thought to call on St. Germaine to sweep the Violet Flame of transmutation through me, releasing any negatives – another good sign!

Just as I’m about to set breakfast down for the cat I spy a 3X5 containing the words of St Francis.  I pause to read; Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon. . . . I feel the love wash over me.

Signs of “coming through the fog” are everywhere.   They aren’t usually found in the local paper and possibly never on network news, but they do exist in the ordinary and mundane aspects of daily life. Making it a daily practice to notice all the signs of good around you. . . . is a good sign. The regularity of daily practice connecting me with my True North within has always assured me I am not alone. . . .  this good sign I can’t live without.

Whatever we think about we get more of.  The more good signs we see, acknowledge and celebrate, the more prolific they become. With so much out there vying for our attention having a daily practice which includes taking note of the good signs, is an act of kindness. 

When we share those signs with others, we spread that kindness, as did Laurey Masterton when she spoke at the Jubilee Celebration service this week.  Laurey is a local restaurant owner, bee keeper, member of a food coalition recently invited to the White House. She is a 21 year ovarian cancer survivor and 30 year uterine cancer survivor who rode her bike across the country to celebrate her life. Her story reflecting her motto of not postponing joy, by seeing beyond to the “good signs” inspired everyone present.

There are signs everywhere that say; “we’re coming to the edge, running on the water, coming through the fog”. . . . we’re the sons and daughters of the new Jerusalem here to sing the greatest song. . . .let all the dreamers wake the nations”!

What have you seen recently which might prompt you to say “this IS a good sign” ?





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