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Art, Cuisine, Music. . .seeing things differently

by Alison on May 12, 2014 · 4 comments

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Every culture reveals itself through its art, cuisine and music.  This weekend, with camera in hand, I attended opening season of the Taos, New Mexico arts and crafts fairs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The 13th Annual Mother’s Day Celebration, complete with local minstrels, rounded out the festivities.

Anglos, Hispanics and Native Americans gathered together as one multicultural swirl of springtime inspiration. Arts and crafts, local foods and dancing music accented the ambience of this already colorful mountain hamlet.

Some of the best sights however, were most unexpected.

My amble through the park provided the opportunity for seeing things differently. For example; the blast-from-the-past, “half-mobile” stopped me in my tracks.  A recycled lemon yellow 60’s relic, rejuvenated into a juice bar with jugs of fruit juice on the roof, punctuated the scene like an expletive from the Diaries of Anais Nin, creatively merging past with present.

Noodling my way through throngs of merry-makers, I spied a cane-carrying, dapper-enough local gent with plate OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbrimming. Camera poised, ready to zoom in on the grub, I heard someone call out from the crowd; “get a shot of the tattoo”.

The intentionally torn, well raveled sleeve on his black “Raiders” sweatshirt revealed quite the gem.  The artwork on his left arm, depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe , spoke volumes beyond the obvious.

What’s been revealed to you by seeing things differently?

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