We do not see things as they are but rather as we are” is one of my most favorite quotes from  Anais Nin

Seeing things as they are requires we see through the foggy perception of personal programming to the impersonal. When we live in the mist of illusion, instead of grounding out in clear anchored awareness we loose power. We then nail ourselves to crosses of our own making.

When we misperceive false power for the real thing we suffer. Let’s take Positive thinking for exapmle.

We have been programmed to boycott the expression of anger. How many remember being punished as a child for “acting out”?  Positive thinking on the other hand gets a big thumbs-up.  But what if it were all just a matter of perception?  What if releasing anger instead of covering it up with faned possitivity organically empowered us to be more positive?

Any addiction is unhealthy.  Certainly the addiction to negativity is a trap. Pandering to its expression on a frequent basis is what Eckhart Tolle refers to as “feeding the pain body”. Energetically releasing negativity can be equally as advantageous as expressing possitivity however.  Here’s how that works.

When energy is repressed it stagnates.  Stagnant energy causes dis-ease.  For anyone vibrating to the frequency of depression the expression of anger is a high state.

When there is denied or unresolved anger in the energy field it can feel emotionally challenging to be in the presence of one who is venting negative energy. The expression of anger can trigger that which is attempting to be kept at bay.  If your filter is set up to protect yourself you will be seeing things the way “you” are, rather than seeing things as they are. You will be stalked by the demon of avoidance until your filter is unclogged.   Uing the positive in avoidance of the negative is like frosting a rotten cake.

Entire cultures have pulsated to the frequency of polarity for eons. We have been programmed by consensus reality to subconsciously “not” see things as they are.  We are bombarded with subliminal advertising selling us a bill of goods.  The media distributes bad news regularly with a spin that supersedes the fantastic many times over. Hype and half truths have become the common denominator in tipping our world out of balance to a grotesque proportion. . . yet the expression of angry is considered “inappropriate”?

Could it be that we are seeing things as we have been “programmed” to see them?  Could it be that the push toward positive thinking in lieu of the expression of anger undermines the finding of our real voice?  Have we been so deeply hypnotized by the illusion of positivity that we don’t recognize the degree to which we’ve bought into the very thing that is keeping us stuck?  Could it be that rather than monitoring the expression of anger we should be exploring how to crack the codes that keep replicating negative patterns of behavior?

This Sunday those of the Christian persuasion celebrate the oldest and most important festival of the Christian church, Easter. The ascension of Jesus, an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life is remembered world-wide on this day.  Through various filters His life will be honored.  The reason being. . . . . He saw things as they were, not as He was.  He cast out demons, turned water into wine and rose from the dead not solely because he visualized, affirmed or thought positively 100% of the time but rather because He called it the way He saw it. He also said “these and greater things shall you do”.

Individule ascension in consciousness is step by step.  To release ourselves from the toxic dead world of dilapidated, worn out beliefs spawn from antiquated programming we have to take the steps necessary to unclog our filters. We can only rise as He did when we release the anger which keeps us tethered to the fear of expressing our divinity.

How will you celebrate The Rising in you during this special time?

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