Midlife, Magic or Mayhem. . .is the bloom still on the rose

by Alison on March 21, 2016 · 2 comments

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Recently I had a birthday.  On the numbers scale it was. . . well, no discerning woman over 50 would reveal THAT number. . .but why not?  What is it about advancing age that frightens us so?

I know many who get rattled by the numbers game.  Be it the addition of a “muffin top” or graying hair; whatever the case may be, we end up feeling ambushed by age.  Again, I ask; what is it that has us doubt who we are beyond age. . .why is worth and value collectively measured by the appearance of the outer shell???

Midlife is the time to revel in our blooming. . .rather than fear being bloomed out.  Midlife is like those great mom and pop restaurants that have to their credit, rave reviews the longer they are in business.  The middle years provide us with the opportunity to hang 10 and surf the biggest waves of life with fierce determination.

I wouldn’t want to be twenty, thirty, or even forty something all over again.  I admit, in my early 50’s I entertained the possibility of taming the dragon of age. . .before it occurred to me that embracing the big number, rather than fighting it, was the wiser option.  Moving through my 60’s, after  careening headlong into that valley of resistance and denial, distracted by the finger painting of age and time. . .I stopped digging that hole.  As a result, I feel more relaxed in general  as I walk deeper into the field of life.  Regardless the ego’s interpretation of the fading blossoms, I’m finding this phase to have a most sweet scent.

It is the advertising industries persistence in selling youth that has us convinced that the juice comes only from the fresh fruit.   Not true. . . we are juicy until we “choose” not to be.  That could be at age 50 (if we buy into the BS) or it could be somewhere over that rainbow of 90 plus years.

When I think of those I’ve known who pursued purpose and passion, well into and beyond their 90th year, I breathe deep saying “that’s for me” The savoring of every morsel of  life (regardless the gnawing away of the outer husk by the insistent pull of gravity) while walking on the arm of passion, being courted by purpose, is what keeps “juicy” alive.

So then, do we continue to allow age and time to interpret our worth and value. . .or will we collectively boost ourselves into a higher state, daring to dance till the end. . .regardless the opinionated  chagrin from those less willing to cut ties with old ways of being. . . I say, Towanda!!

Your plan for living juicy?


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A Visit to Nuleo’s door. . .preparing to cast the vote

by Alison on March 8, 2016 · 2 comments

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When Mister Cat met  neighbor cat, each was curious, territorial, interested.  Nuleo presented upright and strong.  Neighbor cat too, upright and strong. . .each was checking the other out. Neither was quite ready to cast their vote.

Energetically I could feel the bond between them though. Both being felines, each “knew” the other from the inside out.  Nuleo, on home turf (inside his house) the neighbor cat outside the screen door. . .each venturing just close enough to get a whiff of each other.  I could almost see the wheels turning in their heads . . .how to “include” the other in their world, while maintaining their autonomy.

The animal kingdom in general offers us a glimpse into what connection with wise counsel looks like. . . in the wild, animals have no choice but to act on instinct.  Nuleo and the neighbor cat sensed a vibratory kinship between them.  And even though their “smell” was different, within that difference they sensed a vibrational sameness.

Using the power of observation, we humans can pick up the scent and act on instinct before casting our vote too.  When we sense a “sameness” of vibration we are more inclined to open ourselves more fully.  Even when our political scents are different, we sense what vibrates at its core to the same frequency as we do.

The collective body of “we” here in the U.S. has arrived at Nuleo’s door.  Our task. . . do nothing but sit in the stillness of our own  vibration, and observe the energy which passes before us.  When we sense a like frequency on the inner, we know we are ready to cast our vote in the outer.

Which candidate gets our vote can easily be determined, not by the promises they make, their stump speeches, age, ethnicity (the size of their body parts) or anything else other than the quality of energy they’ve used to fuel their lives and campaigns.  Be they Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, matters little compared to the frequency they embrace and the vibe they give off.

The upcoming Presidential election requires more of us than ever before.  We are being asked to tune into the vibration which is being presented to us beyond the rhetoric and the hubris.

The election is a ways off.  We have time to slip into our abodes of observation, sit quietly and act as witness to the energy of Presidential Hopefuls.  We have time to sniff out the scent before casting our vote. . .allowing us to opt for the greater good rather than the lesser evil.

Regardless what the poles say or how the media “spins” the news we can vote based on vibration and frequency alignment with higher good, rather than casting our vote based on fear. . .knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

What do you use to determine how to vote in life?

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MasteringThe Art of The Right Click. . .life beyond Alzheimer’s disease

by Alison on March 1, 2016 · 2 comments

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In computer lingo the “right click” can take you into a world of possibilities.  Knowing how to use this feature can turn a disaster into an easy fix.

Point driven, my Alzheimer’s client laughs trying to assign words to thoughts.  His sense of smell and taste, have all but been stripped from him. His ability to determine if he is hungry or not appears to come and go.  Dry or wet are but concepts for him, thus the need for regular changes of his protective briefs.

This is how stage 2 Alzheimer’s disease expresses through the human form.  This is the natural progression of a brain disease for which no cure has yet been found.

My client was once a successful businessman with a thriving career, loving family and a host of friends.  In college he excelled in basketball.  As an adult he enjoyed outdoor activities and travel.  His life was full and on track, until the long arm of Alzheimer’s disease held firm its grip, relentlessly snuffing out every ember in his once roaring, hot-fire life.

This man is now content to help with the simplest of tasks; opening a stubborn jar lid or vacuuming a carpet is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. . .he has mastered the art of the “right click”. 

Yesterday I sent him out after lunch to sweep a leaf-littered walkway.  Within seconds he forgot why he was outdoors.  I watched as he put down the broom and made his way to his neighbor’s house. He stood there until his neighbor noticed him and opened the door.

What I saw next took my breath away . . . my Alzheimer’s client had gone to see if his neighbor, who has difficulty walking, needed his garbage taken out. I watched as he carried out the bag chalked full of trash and deposited it into the dumpster with the same precision he once used to make those enviable slam dunks.

The breaking of the memory tape in the brain, caused by Alzheimer’s disease, interrupts the process of recording new information. Thus my client did not remember that he’d gone outdoors to sweep leaves, but rather associated being outdoors with a heart-memory. . .compassion.

Kindness is a well-rooted memory for this man.  And because the imprint of long term memory is still in-tact, because he has heart-history of having been kind and generous, because at his core his life has been one of service, this man with advancing brain malfunction is able to walk through his valley of the shadow of death, navigating his way with the dexterity of the “right click”.

Bottom line. . .we exit in this life with the same energy we’ve used to fuel it. In the end, if what’s in our heart is the memory of how to extend kindness, this may well be all we need to see us through.

Are you good with your “right click”?

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Life In The Fast Lane. . .living as a (spirit-driven) refugee

by Alison on February 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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Refugee is defined as; one who flees to seek refuge. . .protection from danger or pursuit. We’ve become accustom to hearing about those whose very essence drives them to risk everything, in pursuit of a better life. How often though, do we consider the possibility of ourselves as refugees. . . of a different kind.

I awakened this morning from a dream in which I was recalling a very sweet time in my life. . . .a speaking tour that took me across the U.S. and throughout Australia. The topic of my talks. . .”Expanding Multidimensional Awareness”. . .I was fast becoming a spirit-driven refugee.

While I was on tour I had what I’d always wanted and absolutely wanted what I had. Life was good, I was happy. . .and then my life fell apart. I lost everything. I was not happy and I did not want what I had. . .this is when the real opportunity availed itself to me.

Over the next few years I walked so far out onto an unfamiliar landscape that when I looked back I could no longer see the shoreline of my former life. This was both frightening and exciting.

Had deep desire for greater intimacy with a rich inner life, not surpassed the fear of relinquishing the personality driven stronghold, accompanying life as I’d known it, I may have missed the introduction to who I am, beyond the mundane and the ordinary.

Measuring success can be tricky business, especially when what we use to measure our success has little to do with who we are or why we are here. The outer world would have us believe more is better, and that to build up earthly wealth is the goal. History books tell us that fleeing the seduction of outer world superficialities, seeking refuge in the cultivation of a solid inner life, is only for reclusive monks.

As spirit-driven refugees the natural inclination is to free ourselves from that which infringes upon the realization of who we are beyond the transient. Be it the incessant nagging of a turbulent mind that has us chasing after more, better, different or the compulsive need to prove worth and value via acquisition of things and stuff. The outer world can forever be counted on to push us toward finding real sustenance. . .when we use it for such. When we don’t we are held hostage by it.

Using whatever comes our way for the purpose of  reflection  is  a pathway to Self Realization. . . especially when it doesn’t  look like getting what we want. Finding the silver lining in those dark clouds, allowing what is to be,  prepares us for the turning of dross into gold.

Does the good life come with the house on the hill, a vacation in the tropics and a full bank account. . . sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. With or without the frills in the physical however, mindfully using what we are given (or not given) to lead us deeper into who we are, always provides refuge.

Where do you take refuge?


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How Are You Doing. . .the problem with conditioned responses

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Yesterday I asked someone; “How are you doing”
. She said she was cold, hungry and tired. . .I was expecting to hear “I’m fine” probably because it’s socially “unacceptable” to tell the emotional truth.

She went on to say she could not afford to have her heat higher than 62 degrees (her fuel assistance had run out in January). She was hungry because the $42 she receives from the SNAP benefits program isn’t enough to keep her cupboards stocked for the month. She was tired and stressed because she can’t sleep, as a result of worrying about how to procure health insurance (her social security is just enough to keep her rent paid. . .she can’t afford Medicare Part B).

I offered some suggestions. She said she’d done all that; there’s a waiting list of over a year for low income housing and Human Services claims her income is just a hair over what is allowed for any increase in a food allowance.

She was not “fine” and chose to tell the truth about it.

The truth is many of us are not fine. We are at a loss as to how to navigate (much less change) a corrupt and broken system with a minimum wage that doesn’t even begin to cover the necessities of life in the 21st century.

As much as I wanted to offer a remedy to her immediate situation, I could not come up with one. . .all I could for her in that moment was listen.  I could have told her to take a breath, stay positive and know that this too shall pass but she was cold, hungry and tired, she needed a hot meal, a warm house, a good nights sleep and someone to listen to her.

Metta Practice (the practice of  offering loving kindness “May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be well.  May you be peaceful and at ease may you be happy”) is a beautiful way to hold ourselves and others in the light.

Sometimes though, when one is cold, hungry and tired and life’s circumstances have become overwhelming, being available to listen with heart-ears is most appropriate as well.

We live in a world of cold, hungry, tired people. No one would consciously choose this but in order to change it we must liberate ourselves (individually and collectively) from the ties that bind us to our conditioning to be nice, politically correct and superficially conscious.

We need real solutions to real problems and that requires we take action and do something different.

The first step in taking action looks like making it safe for people to tell the emotional truth on a regular basis and be heard. The problem with conditioned responses is that they perpetuate the living of a lie.

Have you ever fudged it with the “I’m fine” response. . .do you know why?


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Project Clean Sweep. . .lighten up and the whole world lightens up with you

by Alison on January 18, 2016 · 0 comments

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I am drowning in the sweet scent of Pinon burning in the neighbors wood stove. It is January. . .time for a clean sweep. In Taos, where Quiet Time is observed by the Native Americans, we in this little mountain hamlet are reminded by this ritual to unplug and reset, before attempting to reboot.

Over a decade ago the words “it’s time to lighten up” came to me while taking long walks on dirt roads meandering through pinon-studded landscape, during Quiet Time in New Mexico.

With the rush-rush, hurry-hurry of the holiday season over, we want to kick back and relax. . .yet when we do we sometimes feel plagued by an unsavory restlessness, the urge to do instead of be. Often it is during Quiet Time that I become more aware of the non-physical hitch-hikers nesting in my energy field.

In our travels through life the human energy field picks up both positive and negative vibrations. It is important that we know how to care for our etheric body the same way we care for our physical body. When negative vibes build up in the etheric we often experience a glut of discomforts in the physical. . . including illness, mood swings and mental ambiguity. This dimensionally layered load of baggage obscures the sweetness of life, sometimes drowning us completely.

Our etheric body comes into this dimension with protective shielding. This shielding is similar to the physical body’s immune system.  When our shielding has been compromised by negative interference we often struggle needlessly.  Amongst other things, energy clearing facilitates;

  • Release from psychic attack, astral, dimensional and frequency interference
  • Removal of entities and ET interference
  • Fortification of subtle body shielding, repair of damaged shields and retrieval of lost shields (due to psychic attack and/or entity attachment)

Damaged or lost protective shielding, and trapped negative energy, keeps us from moving forward with ease and grace. Energy clearing removes dark or compromised energetic debris and fortifies the protective shielding around the subtle bodies, acting as a fire wall against possible attempts at future energetic invasions.

Following a clearing I did for myself recently, I felt the release of nagging third eye interference (which in the physical felt like a vice between my eyebrows) and an enhanced ability to relax, both internally and externally.

When the energy field is free of intrusive, negative vibrations and shielding secured, the sweetness of life rises spontaneously to the surface. Like the Pinon smoke from my neighbor’s chimney, this sweetness is palpable.

When the energy field is clear more light beams from our personal space, benefiting the whole world. If you are feeling the need for a clean sweep to start the New Year, energy clearing  can facilitate this for you.

What’s your priority for 2016?


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After the Oh, Ho Ho and da Bubbly. . .order,first law of the universe

by Alison January 4, 2016 Blogging

Tweet I don’t think anyone will argue that December can be a month of wild hairs. With the same unpredictability and confusion as a ragging sandstorm in a vast dessert, holiday-hampered change in the regular routine often leaves us feeling swept asunder.  Thus January begs the question. . . how to collect ourselves and regain […]

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Tis The Season To Be. . .sales pitched?

by Alison December 7, 2015 Blogging

Tweet This weekend, while holiday shopping, I decided to checkout new techno gadgets.  The first store I visited had a pleasant young man at the entrance.  After asking my name he said; “it will be about 10 or 15 minutes before a sales person will be available”.  I appreciated his cordiality and honesty. When the sales […]

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The Heart of The Harvest. . .our time to give thanks

by Alison November 24, 2015 Blogging

Tweet Here in the U.S. this week we officially enter the holiday season with Thanks Giving.  This day is designed for festive celebration at the end of harvest. . .a gratitude catalyst. While giving thanks for plenty may be a slam dunk for those whose bank accounts, cupboards and lives are full, for others it […]

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Toddlers and Technology. . .teddy bear interruptus gone viral

by Alison November 3, 2015 Blogging

Tweet Is it true. . .tablets replacing teddy bears? Studies indicate that over 96% of toddlers started using mobile devises before the age of one. Could this lead to an emotional hiccup. . . we may not know until it’s too late.  This recent article  reveals  how technology trends may be irreversible. The first time I heard […]

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