The Crystal Room in the center of town was one of my first stops in Mt Shasta.  A huge quartz crystal labeled “Hope” literally rearranged my vibration the minute I came into its orb.  I sat  quietly in its presence, observing my 3rd Eye vibrating at the speed of light.  I never intended to come up to Mt Shasta when I started my road trip.  I was looking for a good long beach walk and a salty sea breeze. . . but then sometimes things just don’t turn out the way we plan.

From the Crystal Shop I went to Castle Lake, an alpine lake high in the mountains with crystal clear water that leaves the skin feeling like velvet.  I swam in these waters all afternoon, and when I came out I felt like  I’d been transported beyond time and space into another world.

Following my swim in Castle Lake my experience of being in my body  was one of sheer delight.  I believe that the vibration from Telos, the underground City of Light beneath Mt Shasta, emits a powerful, love-filled vibration that permeates everything on the surface.

Telosians (survivors of Lemuria), knew how to raise their vibration and teleport themselves into the inner earth. Having done so, they built a City of Light under Mt. Shast . . . they are seen on the mountain and in Mt Shasta city on occasion.  . . . the locals have attuned to this vibration and it is noticeable in their eyes and demeanor.

Before being in the crystal shop, and swimming in Castle Lake, I felt an edgy, exaggerated vibe associated with the vibe of generic fear.  I had to “work” to stay in a positive frame of mind.  After the experience with the huge crystal I felt my energy shift to  “no worries”.  After swimming in Castle Lake I felt fresh and new, like an initiation had occurred, a baptism into a more radiant state of being.

The meadows on the slopes of the mountain are still very wet from the winter run off.  They will bloom in August.  The level of peace I felt walking through the meadow area flanked by evergreens resembling sentinels guarding a precious place, was nothing short of amazing.

Mt Shasta is indeed sacred, holy ground.  However, being here is intense. . .one has no choice but to purge anything that is not of the highest vibration. . . or be consumed by it. I’ve been here 5 days but it seems like much longer. It has been challenging for me to adjust to the vibration.

After driving over 2,500 miles, and mixing in with a wide variety of energies,  I am road weary to say the least.  My desire to “make home” here is strong.  The thing is, I can’t “do” this using my mind to figure it all out. . .trusting that it is organically unfolding in its own way, regardless what it looks like, is the only way. . . , ya,  trust is THE doorway into a more sublime reality.

Have you ever taken a road trip that didn’t turn out as planned?

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I have missed the heart-mark many times; reacting instead of taking action from a place of balance and equanimity. As a result separation instead of unity was created between myself and others.  What triggers missing the heart-mark is engaging with sacrifice.

Following episodes of sacrifice I’ve felt guilt and remorse for having been so off-putting.  However, the guilt only served as a hair shirt, a discipline for bad behavior.  After feeling sufficiently punished, there was a sense of relief. . . but no accountability and so the cycle continued.

We can only contribute out of our sufficiency.  To offer more than what we are capable of giving is a setup. Sacrifice invariably causes us to miss the heart-mark.  When we sacrifice we feel resentful, that resentment spawns anger outbursts, followed by guilt.  The guilt resets us into sacrifice mode perpetuating the guilt-sacrifice cycle.

Collectively, we have missed the heart-mark.  Incidences such as that which recently took place in  Orlando Florida serve as graphic reminders of what it looks like when the collective unconscious acts out through the misguided actions of one individual.

How can we clean up something this messy you ask?  We can’t.  We can’t clean up “that” particular mess.  We can’t bring “those” lives back.  What we can do is make a conscious effort to stay off the hamster wheel of sacrifice.  Awareness can mitigate the messes made in our own lives involving  intolerance and stemming from sacrifice.

We have the power to stop the guilt-sacrifice cycle; when we sacrifice for others we expect others to sacrifice for us.  When that doesn’t happen we get resentful and angry, eventually feeling justified in “loosing it”.  Guilt is then used as a form of self-punishment.  Following whatever we consider to be a sufficient amount of punishment,  the process of sacrifice repeats again, and again, and again. . .

Missing the heart-mark is a clue that we need to add an extra dose of awareness into the mix of daily living.   Awareness, rather than the lack of it, keeps us aligned with Presence. The atrocity that occurred in Orlando is but a reflection of that which is person rather than Presence driven. . . causing a gross missing of the heart-mark.

We miss the heart-mark when we fall short of speaking The Truth in a timely way.  We miss the heart-mark when we sacrifice ourselves for others, expect the same in return and feel justified in getting angry when others don’t sacrifice for us.  We miss the heart-mark when we are reactive instead of proactive. 

Guilt and punishment are but decoys deterring us from the real work needing to be done.  We must become first responders in our own lives.  Instead of sacrificing in the name of service, we must choose to embody service and stop sacrificing ourselves.

Indeed it is true; the time is now and we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Your thoughts?



It’s almost Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere and I’m feeling a surge of fast growth energy.  The seeds of bright vision, N Garden Peasinspired by spring renewal, have sprouted. Preparation for the bearing of fruit is officially in full swing. Those in the northern hemisphere are preparing for winter renewal, following the completion of their growth spurt and a period of introspection. . .a global meditation on change is beginning.

Shifting gears can be challenging.  It seems we just get comfortable with one seasonal scenario and Mother Nature either steps up the tempo or slows it down.   Regardless the case, the impact of movement, inspired by Solstice, requires we ready ourselves for whatever is next.

This spring I envisioned traveling.  I saw a meditative road trip over back roads, taking me from southwest to northwest, here in the U.S.  I felt a yearning to be in natural settings.  I also wanted to join in the celebration of the 100th birthday of the National Park Service

And so I got out my map and charted my course across the western third of the country, thinking I knew exactly how the trip would unfold.  I upgraded my camera equipment and got a new laptop.  My photography goal was to add to an existing collection of nature photos I envision offering to retreat and hospice centers. . . I’d developed a well-crafted plan. 

What I’d forgotten was that spring is the time of vision. . . plant the seeds then let the garden grow on its own timeline and its own way.  Contextually sketching out intent for best case scenario serves to produce inspired content. . .leaving open the door to possibility is the yeast-like agent allowing context to take shape in the best form and way for now.

Interestingly enough, my physical garden served as metaphor.  I didn’t plant much in my patio garden box this spring, as I was making plans for travel.  However, a garden I got as the previously planted seeds burst to life quite unexpectedly. What struck me was this; seeds that didn’t gestate a couple seasons back lay dormant, waiting for just the right time to pop up. I’d planted my garden with the expectation that it would “produce” the results I intended on my timeline . . .

Solstice energy is potent . . .there’s no guarantee how it will work its magic.  Some of us will be busy as bees while others will be taking refuge in bear-like hibernation.  Either dormant or active, change (visible or not) is sure to find us shifting gears, either inwardly or outwardly.

The fleshed out version of my road trip is organically shaping up. Preparation for that photo safari through the National Parks is well under way,  albeit a bit differently than I’d anticipated, and much more inspired.  And even though its long been a knee jerk reaction for me to try to have all the “I’s” doted and the “T’s crossed before taking my next step, I’m enjoying the feel of relaxing into change, breathing deep, and living in the question.

Anything dormant in your life that’s just now popping up?



Years ago, while living in Santa Fe I had a vision.  I saw a beautiful, intentional community near the ocean, which I was a part of.  At that time N Tree of Lifethe “City Different” flourished with psychics, and so I visited one.  What she had to say was jaw-dropping.

Without any previous knowledge of the vision I’d had, her reading paralleled exactly what I’d seen; “you will be part of a center, but it hasn’t been built yet, and you will go to the ocean but you will live in the mountains first”.  However, because this branch on my tree of life appeared slow growing, my focus soon shifted to the obvious. . . . creating a successful life in the “real” world.

Fast forward 31 years, following a recent period involving much stress and confusion as to the taking of my next steps. . .and a bit of synchronicity. . . and there it was,  the key unlocking the door to the manifestation of my vision. Unbeknownst to me, the last 3 decades of my life had set me up to realize what once seemed like little more than whimsy.

I wasn’t ready to have that vision manifest 31 years ago, or even last year.  However, everything that occurred in my life, from the inception of that vision-version of my reality, to its manifestation, has prepared me for what is transpiring NOW.

The details in real time involve geographic relocation, a move from the semiarid high desert of the southwest to the bucolic low lands of the Northwest. . . the  intentional living center  where I will be working and living, is just a short drive to sandy beaches along ocean waters.

Indeed, it is true; when we go in a sacred way and “ask” we are given.   Years ago, before even having the words to “ask”, my soul informed my consciousness (via the vision) of my mission this lifetime. And even though I didn’t know exactly how that branch on my tree of life would grow and bear fruit, the essence of what I’d seen remained a guiding light.

My vision from 1985 was but a sketch of the fleshed out version it is today, taking 3 decades to manifest.  Each step along the way, including a host of 2 steps back after taking one forward, has consistently held the seed knowing of that vision.

Beyond the good times and the challenges, beyond age or time, our bankbook balance or our credit score, lies the important things of life.

Once we enter the stream, vision is the organic propelling agent that moves us out of stagnant waters and safely over cascading falls. Purpose-fueled, intentional living sets us up for the conscious transition of spirit.Strong branches take time to grow before having the strength to hold juicy fruit. . .never give up on your dreams.

What’s your version of living the  life?


It’s not always easy to put words to what is heart-felt.  From civil rights leaders, to Bills ensuring privacy rights for all, there have been advocates for human rights. Those beacons of light, acting as boots on the ground, are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure quality of life for all.

Imagine being a celebrated basketball player, having a successful career and a loving family.  Fast forward through adulthood. . .children grown, career over and the closest thing to a slam dunk you can make now, is hurling the garbage into a bin.  Imagine the concentration it takes to simply tie your shoes. . . or how exhausting  it can be to listen to conversation you can’t construe.

My Alzheimer’s client went missing last week before being found in the Emergency Room. . .he’d fallen and injured himself.  When I saw him in the E.R. all he said was; “can I have more orange soda”.

There are 75.4 million Baby Boomers, 10 million of whom will develop Alzheimer’s.  I, you, we could be part of this number.

Sometimes the taking of the next step isn’t easy. We can’t let fear stop us though.  Because if we do, if we don’t show up when we are needed, we could end up in serious jeopardy.

Support for Alzheimer’s disease is easier to ask for than to get.  Had it not been that my client ended up in the E.R. triggering the hospital to solicit a 24 hour care facility on his behalf, he would have remained on a waiting list, not being admitted so swiftly, possibly resulting in more serious injuries down the road.

A facility sounded like the best option for him. Until hearing that he’d been placed in a shared, spartan room on a locked wing among those with a more progressed level of his disease, I felt relieved. . . advocates supporting quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients ARE A NECESSITY.

Alzheimer’s facilities usually have different areas for varying levels of the disease.  However, some facilities don’t have the resources available to be so selective.  And so, a one size fits all type of placing occurs; quality of life slips away quickly when one is left without regular stimulation.

For those experiencing this terrifying state, making it through the day often requires loving assistance from mindful volunteers. . . here is where boots on the ground is a must.

Alzheimer’s patients have the same rights to quality living as everyone else. Joining the movement to plant seeds of awareness, for those taking the Alzheimer’s punch, is a practical way to be the change we wish to see.

Today is my client’s 75th birthday.  I celebrate this kindred soul knowing he is a courageous man, engaged in a movement that can’t be ignored.

If you or someone you know has Alzheimer’s and are willing to volunteer your boots on the ground, here’s how to  get involved

Fighting fear with advocacy works.



Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer.  I’m not talking about the route recitation of religious prayers or the use of mantras.  Rather, I am speaking of how to turn ordinary life into a living prayer.

Take just a moment to think about the conditions we find ourselves in daily. . .war, poverty, disease, injustice, discrimination, debt, and yes, Presidential elections. . . just a few of the stress-producing conditions hurled at us with regularity.

Most of us seek balanced living.  Battery recharge appears to be the key to achieving and sustaining equilibrium.  Smart phones, digital cameras, laptops, ipads, ipods all require a regular recharge to work at peak performance.  Perhaps technology is offering us a clue here . . more important than how to take pretty good “Selfies”.

As a child I remember having an hour each week set aside to RECHARGE.  On Sunday’s, following church, we had a special family meal together, followed by a drive in the country, and occasionally a stop for ice cream. Sunday was our recharge time. Later in life, after embracing the Judaic model of worship, Saturday became the day associated with refueling.  From sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday intentional living was respected. . .we lived life as a prayer.

I’ve also participated in prayerful, rejuvenating movement from the Mystical Muslim tradition via Sufi Dancing. Buddhist meditation retreats in silence, for 10 days or more, were awesome recharge ops for me as well, delivering a soul satisfying state of awesome.

Truth is, many wish to incorporate “awesome” into ordinary daily living but aren’t sure exactly how to do this.  This has brought me to question how to live life as a living prayer.  I then wondered if embracing such would guarantee never having a bad hair day . . .  Ummm, not necessarily.  However, I have determined that adopting a prayerful context for ordinary living could have a positive influence on how I handle the content of life.

Never take the mountain for granted” say the Himalayan Sherpas who climb Mt Everest.  So too in climbing the mountain of life. Adding in mindful observation, being still and recharging regularly firm-foots us on the path of life in a respectful way. . .a living prayer within itself.

Light comes through the prism of prayer.  Intentional living culminates in the actualization of  living life as a prayer.

What I’ve come to realize in my pursuit of peace is this; the future of awesome requires we don’t just pray when we want or need something, but rather that we embrace life as sacred.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t loose it when we loose it, but rather that when we do, we get back on the horse. . .when we keep going in the direction in which we are heading, ending up there is assured.

Your thoughts?




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